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Zeni Esthetics, Face Body, is a private Wellness Day Spa operated by Zenaida Rivera. She believes in the body-mind-spirit connection. Here at Zeni Esthetics we provide a sacred space for those seeking a better quality of life, to help them repair, nourish and provide balance to their face and body appearance.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Licensed Esthetcian
  • Certified Phlebotomist Technician
  • PureSculpt Body Contour Trainer
  • Certified Cosmetic Recovery Assistant
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Woodsculpt Body/Face

Woodsculpt is an effortless and efficient way of contouring the body/face without harming the skin or tissue. Each woodsculpt instrument has a specific use for a particular area of the body. Woodsculpt helps diminish cellulite while toning the body/face. Woodsulpt activates the lymphatic system and smoothing out unwanted bulges. 

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Restore your Glow

Our Puresculpt™ facials have amazing properties which reduce unwanted fat in your face and neck while reducing pore size and giving you radiant skin. Each facial is created with special clays and herbs that calm inflammation, soothe and refresh your skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles and stored fat in your face and neck. These facials will rejuvenate and turn back time on your face. The combination of muds have more than 35 minerals to fortify your skin and give you a radiant glow freezing your new ageless transformation! 

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Body by nature

Puresculpt™ is a revolutionary organic way of sculpting, toning and slimming the body. This unique treatment activates a natural process in the body by metabolizing fat and converting it into energy called thermogenesis. The frozen product encourages the body’s natural process of cold-induced thermogenesis, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise body temperate back to its normal state. 

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Zeni Sculpt & Body Featured Services

Experience the spiritual nature of life

“All of my services are customized to rebuild, recover, enhance, detox and repair your skin and body on a cellular level.”

-Zenaida Rivera

We strive to present a holistic and authentic expression of wellness while honoring a diversity of practices and new techniques. Our approach is based on holistic products and free of contraindications procedures to provide a safe and nurturing environment for transformation and peace of mind.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Post Operative Massage

30 Minutes ~ $80-95

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1:30 HOUR ~ $150

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Body Contour

1 hour single treatment


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Additional Zeni Esthetics Services

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30 mins. $40  

A half hour facial designed to refresh your skin type. For that quickie cleanse and moisture infusion when you don’t have time for the full royal  facial. This facial includes dual cleansers, toner, steam, exfoliation, moisturizer and SPF.


45 mins. $60 

Made to fit… especially for you! DELIBERATE on your skin care needs. DEFINE new ways to care for your skin. Includes dual cleansers, steam, exfoliation, lightly extractions, mask, hydration, SPF, and a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Ahhhhh DIVINE!  You can add on (LED Infrared light, peel off mask, collagen sheet mask, facial cupping, MLD, microdermalift, and paraffin hand or foot treatment). 



1 hr. 30 mins.  $120

This facial includes ultrasonic salicylic cleansers, enzyme exfoliation, hydration & disincrustation  Green Tea stripes, a variety of serums to dissolve sebum and fight free radicals. We also include customized peel off mask to blast oil and cleanup impurities with LED Infrared Light, as well as calming agents and cold compress to mellow out and clarify the skin. This facial would not be complete without extra extraction time following with high frequency that kills the bacteria, softening skin and controlling excess sebum production, a relaxing neck and shoulder massage with Thai warm towel massage, moisturizer  and SPF.  You can add (ADD -ONS) Hand or Foot Paraffin, MircoDermalift.


1 hr. 30 mins. $150

Firming and anti-aging. Ideal for clients who desire luminous, hydrated, firmer skin, and want it NOW! Elevate your skin to a new level with a combination of vitamin C, Cell to Cell serums, hydrating gel, peptide, brightening ampoule and duo task masks to fight wrinkles and fine lines. Our result ultrasonic cleansers, toner and moisturizers will protect your skin leaving it dewy and youthful. It also includes:  Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Face Cupping, Enzyme Exfoliating, Micro Dermalift, Steam, Relaxing/Lifting face, neck and shoulder Massage, LED Infra Red/Yellow/Blue light, PureSculpt Ice Mask, Thai Towel Massage, Moisturizer, SPF.  This facial will get you ready for that stroll down the red carpet. Ready for your close- up?



1 hr. 15 mins. $120

This exceptional beauty treatment is a blend of our most effective anti-aging and hyperpigmentation ingredients that treats all signs of skin aging. During this relaxing journey, the skin is exfoliated, firmed and lifted while the eyes, lips, and decollete received extra special attention. Skin is treated with lifting, firming and brightening targeted ingredients to give instant results.  This facial includes: Cleanse, Carrotinol Peel, Papaya Enzymatic, Ultrasonic Cleanse, Ampoules, Copper Peel Off Mask, massage, Serums, lip Tx, moisturizer and SPF. Immediate gratification for the woman who just can’t wait!

NOTE: Light extractions if needed


1 hr. $100

1 hr. 15 mins. $180

(NOTE: Peels are not recommended for pregnant or nursing woman).

Derma-channeling is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  We deeply exfoliate the top layer of dead skin. It is mostly used to treat rough, dry, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring and fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment allows skincare products to penetrate more readily into deep layers of the skin. Derma-channeling  is a great deep exfoliation option for women who are pregnant or nursing and results in a more refined, smooth, glowing appearance.


45 mins. Starting at $120

The Pure Sculpt Wood & Ice Facial is a unique combination of 3 differents therapies: Wood Sculpt, manual lymphatic drainage and Pure Sculpt Ice. Each sculpting technique is an exclusive form of contouring the face, neck and chin organically and brings in its many benefits. The treatment includes: Cleanse, WoodSculpt, manual lymphatic drainage, Pure Sculpt Ice Mask with LED Infra Light. The wood Sculpt includes a series of wood tools that have firming effect, activates the production of elastin, collagen, toning, molding, improving blood circulation and will aid in accumulation of double chin & reduce fine lines.

  • The manual lymphatic drainage cleans our bodies of toxins, viruses and bacteria and it is responsible for filtering our system for optimal health and weight loss.
  • The Pure Sculpt Ice mask is created with the combination of herbs, clays and more than 35 minerals to fortify the skin, reduce unwanted fat in the face, neck and double chin while reducing pore size.


1 hr. $90

As unique to you as your thumbprint, your skin is a living expression of your life and it changes in response to seasons, stress and diet. Customized for your skin type and concerns. It  includes ultrasonic cleanse, steam enzyme exfoliation, lightly extractions if needed, toning, customized hydrogel peel off mask, serums, moisturizer, SPF. Also a face, neck, trapezius, shoulder, arm and hand massage with a relaxing Thai hot towel neck massage. Finished with a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment. We recommend you to choose an add-on hand or feet paraffin mask heat treatment that aids in the softening of the skin. It helps soothe chronic arthritis joint pain, relaxes stiff muscles, increases range of motion and relieve dryness following with a Reflexology massage. AHHHHH… DIVINE!

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Bikini $15
Brazilian $40
Eyebrows clean up $10
Ears $6
Nose $8
Under Arms $10
Chest $15
Stomach $15,
Arms Half/ Full $15/$25
Back Half/ Full $20/$40
Legs Half/ Full $20/45
Post Brazilian Mask $15
Ingrown Mask $10

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Come in to learn more about what services we offer, which treatment is right for your skin type and condition. A consultation, Skin Analysis & express facial is needed prior to every treatment, deep mechanical and chemical exfoliation.

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40mins. $60

Deeply cleanse, exfoliate dry, flakey skin with enzyme & steam. This extracts those tough to reach spots, clogged pores, blackheads and back acne. Includes moisturizing to hydrate.


40 mins. $60

Deeply cleanse, exfoliate dry, flakey skin with enzyme & steam. This extracts those tough to reach spots, clogged pores, blackheads and butt acne. Includes moisturizing to hydrate your bum and back of your thighs.


90 mins. Single treatment  $150
Pkg.3 Tx $450 
Pkg.6 Tx $780
Pkg.9 $1,380

A combination of Wood & Ice Therapy. The wood sculpting tools activate the lymphatic system. These unique tools are designed to contour the body, reduce cellulite, tone the skin and help with blood circulation. Manual lymphatic drainage is done to cleanse the body of toxins, viruses, filters your system for optimal health and weight loss. Pure Sculpt is applied cold where stored fat volume is located which allows natural process to occur in the body called Cold Induced Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis will start burning off the fat cells in order to raise the temperature back to its normal state. The dead fat cells and toxin will be expelled naturally through your lymphatic nodes.


UPPER BODY- abdomen, side planks, back, arms.

LOWER BODY- front, back, inner and outer thigh & buttocks.

Only one Body Section per treatment and it can be alternate with a paid package.

Body Contour Wrap

Full Body 90 minutes $200
Lower Body 60 minutes $100
Upper Body 60 minutes $130

Body wraps Increase circulation by dilating small veins and capillaries, which helps to flush away Beauty- robbing toxin build up. Each treatment maximizes your body’s ability to eliminate toxins that hold onto excess water, weight, and even fatty deposits in issue prone areas. The benefits occur immediately during the treatment. The Body Contour wrap had been proven to reduce cellulite.

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LED light therapy $15
Collagen 24K Gold mask $25
PureSculpt Ice Facial Mask $30
Dermaplane $40 (add 25 minutes)
Eyes Brightening $15
Enzyme Peel $25
Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment $25
Face Cupping and Lymphatic Drainage $20 (add 15 minutes)
Hot shell massage $10
HydroFacial $30
Infrared Light pain management $20
Microcurrent $65
Faja Garments $120 up
Compresión Faja Belt $35